Bookkeeping & Accounting

Let’s Reconcile!

You know money is coming in, and going out, but how much do you have available right now? Is there enough for payroll, quarterly taxes, sales tax, property tax, and enough to invest in the new electronics you have your eye on?

Bookkeeping and Accounting are required to ensure you have a real-time view of your accounts receivable and accounts payable—but it’s so much more!

We ensure you are accurately tracking your expenses, and fully complying with local and federal tax laws, and we help you mine your monthly PNL for areas of opportunity. This might include where you are spending too much, or where to invest more. The more data and insights we gather, the more we can help you grow your business.

We offer an affordable solution to meet your Bookkeeping and Accounting needs. Our monthly service rates vary depending on the volume of work, but are always a time and cost saving alternative to DIY planning and preparation.

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Numeric Strategies Preferred Accounting Software


Intuit’s QuickBooks®

Intuit’s QuickBooks® software is a common choice among small business owners and a preferred bookkeeping and accounting software here at Numeric Strategies. This software is available both in a desktop version or an online application. An intuitive home page assists business owners with reports outlining the health of your business operations, including graphs and alerts to help manage financial decisions. Your business’ books can be managed quickly, easily, and accurately using the Intuit QuickBooks® accounting software.

UltraTax CS

Additionally, we are happy to work with UltraTax.

Use e-file tools to monitor each step of the e-file process and ensure that returns are complete and accurate.

Add-on module for UltraTax CS that lets you easily gather electronic signatures for tax documents from anywhere.

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