Take The Stress Out Of Payroll

Many businesses find payroll a dreaded and time-consuming chore. Payroll can even be a costly chore when not calculated properly or on time. Aside from your weekly or bi-weekly payroll, many Colorado small businesses fail to prepare and file the proper state and federal payroll-related paperwork. This often means you get behind on payroll tax filings and payroll tax deposits, which may result in costly fines.

Numeric Strategies takes the stress out of Payroll and Payroll Reporting, and ensures 100% compliance and accuracy!

Our clients find that working with Numeric Strategies is much simpler, easier, and less expensive than hiring an in-house person to handle their Bookkeeping and Payroll needs. Plus, our process is streamlined and straightforward.

Reach out today to discuss taking Payroll off your plate, giving you more time to do what you do best!

• Payroll preparation

• Direct deposit management

• Federal/state/local payroll tax filing

o Form W-9

o Form W-4

o Form 941

o CO Unemployment online processing

o Form DR-1094

o Form 940

o Form DR-1093

o Form W-2 Copy D; W3; W2; B & C for employees

o Form DR-1094-B & 1095-B

o Form 944

o Form 1099 or 1099NEC

o Form 1096

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