Business Consulting

We empower you to succeed

The decision to launch your own business is exciting. It often comes after years spent chasing a dream you were never all that passionate about, and finally embracing a self-fulfilling business model. While you have the vision, you need someone on your side to help you map out the financial side of things. That is why you need Numeric Strategies!

We help you to think outside of the box, and leverage your passion and skills to create a meaningful career—a career where you make money doing what you do best. We help minimize the risk in starting your new business, by making strategic business and financial decisions. We help you create a career that supports your goals for a balanced, flexible, and fulfilling lifestyle. We consult with small and medium-sized businesses in Colorado and nationwide.

Create a sustainable business model

Our goal at Numeric Strategies is to help our clients take their business to the next level. This includes building a solid foundation for startups and optimizing business outcomes for our established business owners. We provide the traditional Bookkeeping, Reconciliation, and Accounting, but we also help you to make informed financial and business decisions.

• Cash flow planning and analysis

• Budgeting

• Financial forecasting (No Audits, reviews, or compilation)

• Debt and finances advising

• Profit analysis and improvement

• Internal controls improvements

• Strategic business planning

• Business tax planning strategies

• Management advisory services

• Controller and CFO services

• Risk management services

• Business succession planning

• Negotiations for mergers and acquisitions

• Employee benefit and profit-sharing plans

• Startup assistance: Including registration with Colorado Secretary of State and acquiring EIN from IRS

• Entity selection assistance for new business

• Small business Retirement options: Choices and comparisons

• New company and chart of accounts set up in QuickBooks Desktop

• Create and organize online filing system

• Consult and provide guidance on business, accounting, tax, and operations

We save you time and money

Numeric Strategies is the perfect alternative to hiring a full-time or part-time accountant. We not only save you the stress and labor required to prepare and report your taxes and payroll, but we help you to plan ahead. We make sure money is set aside for upcoming expenses, and save you the expense of the permits and licenses that many business owners obtain as a precaution—but that you may not be required to maintain. We also ensure you avoid the costly fees of miscalculated payroll taxes or quarterly taxes.

Our monthly service rates vary depending on the volume of work, but are always a time and cost-saving alternative to do-it-yourself planning and preparation.

Make it a family affair

Many of our clients are so motivated by the improved quality of life that comes with owning their own business that they are looking for ways to make it a family affair. We help you map out an innovative way of bringing your spouse or kids into your new business model, so it is a win/win for everyone!

Reach out today to discuss how we can help you grow your new or existing business. We consult with Startups, Freelancers, Retirees, and small and medium-sized businesses in Colorado and nationwide.